• Cam Anderson

I dream, one day, that....

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

Money is abundant, not scarce.

  1. Fairness and charity within our society are no longer limited by lack of money

  2. Society decides what gets done on merits of the issue and not mainly on money concerns

  3. Lack of money is not the reason any social need is improperly addressed

Money is permanently available, not unreliable.

  1. Society only spends an amount that can be maintained continuously

  2. Society first saves a large pool of money by compounding over the very long term

  3. Spending can be consistent as it is always only a small fraction of the money pool available

  4. Society continues to create new money pools over the long term

  5. Eventually consistent spending is available to address any and all social needs

Money no longer causes disagreements.

  1. Society provides everyone wide-ranging opportunity unconstrained by lack of money

  2. Society values and generously rewards the contributions of every individual

  3. Individuals that create new wealth are celebrated and keep what they earn

  4. Society shares in all wealth creation through legitimately purchased ownership

From time to time I will blog about:

How today's problems are affected by lack of money.

How we can solve the lack of money issue.

This website is dedicated to realizing this dream.

Please join me on the journey

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